Blue Lotus Validator

Independent Validator on the Solana Network

  • You get high returns from our top performance at low fee

  • We use Enterprise grade hardware hosted in a Reliable and Secure Data Center

  • We contribute to Solana decentralization by running our server in a location with the least stake concentration

Our Solana Validator Details :

Security Measures :

We ensure that our services are secured and reliable by using industry standard practices. We start with the bare minimum software and only install the required components to keep the servers clean of any unwanted software. We update our OS and Solana software regularly following the best practices as shared by larger Solana validator community. Our server and Solana logs are constantly monitored for anomalies using advanced monitoring tools.

Contact Me :

  • Email : bluelotus.solana@gmail.c0m

  • Discord : Padma | BlueLotus#1517

  • WhoAmI : Mom @ Home, Techie, Entrepreneur, Solana Validator & Investor

My Learning Journey :