Welcome to Blue Lotus Solana Validator
Updates via Twitter :
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Independent Validator on the Solana Network

  • You get high returns, low fee and additional MEV Airdrops from Jito

  • You get a highly reliable validator in a Reliable and Secure Data Center

  • You support decentralization of Solana by staking with independent validators

Our Solana Validator Details :

  • Vote Key : 1234LB7uvDC23rdCQoK8C3jNwnovUNyeKxz8wC3dghJ5

  • ID Key : akb7XJkB8rgvDixC25gxpGisNS1aAQbk6HZkR9X1jrX

  • Fee Structure : 5%. ( Incentives for 100K+ Sol Stakes, Contact via Discord )

Security Measures :

We ensure that our services are secure and reliable by using industry standard practices. We start with the bare minimum software and only install the required components to keep the servers clean of any unwanted software. We update our OS and Solana software regularly following the best practices as shared by larger Solana validator community. Our server and Solana logs are constantly monitored for anomalies using advanced monitoring tools.

Contact Me :

  • Email : bluelotus.solana@gmail.c0m

  • Discord : Padma | BlueLotus#1517

  • WhoAmI : Mom @ Home, Techie, Entrepreneur, Solana Validator & Investor

My Solana Journey :

      • Unix Server Administration - I got some help from friends & family here

      • Solana Installation and Configuration docs from Solana, Laine, Andrebo

      • Rust Basics - enough to be dangerous ( WIP )

      • Participated & Review Testnet restart - Here

      • Participated & Review Mainnet restart - Here

      • Setup a Brand, Gmail & Google Sites Webpage

      • Qualified for Marinade, Socean, Jpool stake pools ( all have different qualification criteria )

      • Commission changed to 2% on Jun 1 2022 ( Making up some of the voting and hardware costs )

      • Got my foundation delegation which helped close the gap on voting fees

      • Switched to JITO MEV Client .. Yay !

      • and more to learn...